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Competitive Programs

Unleash Your Potential

At OSEGA, we take great pride in our competitive programs designed for young athletes seeking to unlock their true potential. Our dedicated coaching staff, led by owner Miles Avery—a 4 time Olympic coach and competitor in seven seasons of the American Ninja Warrior TV show—provides unmatched support and expertise to ensure each athlete’s growth and success.

Ninja Team

Our competitive Ninja Team develops strength, agility, and confidence in our athletes.. With 4 hours a week of year round training, our Ninja’s prepare for the Competition season. Contact us for additional information. 


Our Optionals program covers all levels, providing gymnasts with tailored training that fosters a champion mindset. Following Women’s Development Program and Xcel program guidelines, each athlete receives individualized coaching and skill development.

Note: Levels 6-9 have difficulty restrictions. Please reach out for more information.



With a focus on high-performance training, our Elite Program supports athletes aspiring to the National Team or Pre-Elite Training Squad. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, gymnasts prepare to represent the USA in international competitions. Pre-Elite gymnasts are chosen at the Challenge Meets each year.

NGA Program -
Silver and Gold

OSEGA’s National Gymnastics Association (NGA) program offers Silver and Gold level training. This comprehensive broad-based and affordable program nurtures talent in preparation for regional and national competitions.

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