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Specials & FAQS

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Current Special

Register for the 2024/2025 After School Program by APRIL 15th, and save $50 off of the yearly registration fee. 


ENROLLMENT  FAQS  (for all programs, excluding competitive teams)

When can I register?   You can register for any program, anytime of the year or month. Your first month will be prorated according to your start date. 

How long does each program last?   We have two sessions. A school year session (Sept-May), and a summer session (June-Aug).

What is the commitment?   Once enrolled, you will automatically be billed each month, until the end of the session. You can drop anytime, with a 30 Day Drop notice. Policies can be view any time via your parent portal account.  

Why do I pay registration fees?  The one time joining registration fee of $30, helps OSEGA to maintain updated and new equipment for our students. After school and Bright Stars yearly registration fees cover arts & crafts, updated stem activities, experiment supplies, etc. In addition, partial registration fees are used to keep our staff up to date with yearly safety training.  



Can I watch my child(ren)?   Yes, we have a parent viewing area with plenty of seating, however, you are not required to stay at the gym, as long as your child is 5yrs or older. 

What to wear or bring?   Gymnasts often wear leotards, but it is not required. Gymnasts and Ninjas may wear anything they are comfortable in (shorts, leggings, t-shirts, etc).  Gymnasts do not wear shoes during class. Ninjas should bring tennis shoes for specific obstacles.   Students may bring water bottles, but we do have water fountains available. 

Do you sell leotards or uniforms?   Yes, we have a pro shop. We sell leotards, OSEGA t-shirts, Ninja shirts, etc.  

What are your class ratios?   Preschool beginner class ratios are 6:1.   5 & older beginner classes are 8:1. 



What are your safety measures?   Our staff is CPR certified, and Safety trained in the event of an injury or emergency. Facility doors stay locked during pre school hours.

What is your pick up policy?   To pick up a child, you must be listed on the account as a pick up person. Any unrecognized persons, must show a valid I.D,.. NO ACCEPTIONS!

Can students bring toys or electronics from home?   We ask that students do not bring items from home. If approved to bring an item from home, they must be left inside the students back pack or cubby. Cell phones may ONLY be used to check in with parents, with a coach or teachers approval. We no longer allow bikes, scooters, etc, to be brought for camps. 

What are your ratios for these programs?   Age groups 5 & older have a ratio of 14:1.  In addition, we always have a floating staff member available. Check with our Bright Stars director for Pre-K ratios. 

What do I need to provide for my student?   1/2 day pre-k campers and students need to bring a snack, a lunch, change of clothes, and a supply of diapers and wipes if needed.   Full day campers should bring at least 2 snacks, and a lunch. After school students should bring at least 1 snack.