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Discover Growth with Gymnastics

Our Programs

At OSEGA, we believe in the transformative power of gymnastics. Our diverse programs cater to every ambition—whether your child is looking for a fun recreational activity, an after-school enrichment opportunity, or aspiring to become a competitive gymnast.


Our competitive program encompasses women’s and men’s artistic gymnastics as well as a Ninja Warrior competitive team. Designed to cultivate discipline, perseverance, and unrivaled gymnastics skills, our competitive programs are backed by an accomplished coaching staff. Together, we help gymnasts push the boundaries of their abilities.


We provide gymnastics and ninja obstacle training classes for all levels, ages 3+. Learn basic movements and skills, improve general fitness, and make lifelong friendships under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

After School

OSEGA’s unique after-school program combines education and fitness, in a nurturing environment. Our safety certified staff provides a comprehensive and enriching experience beyond the standard out-of-school hours care.

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